Antoinette Ede says,
"I've had quite a journey..."

A baby found in a phone box spent her life in & out of care and foster homes, finally adopted.

An excitable teenager, she ran away with the circus and lived in a big red bus. 

Found her millionaire birth mother, only to lose her to ‘murder’ in the Dominican Republic.

Discovered her birth father, two weeks after he passed away, losing him to cancer. They never got to meet.

Antoinette Ede, 51, and from the Bradley Barton area of the town, feels just confident enough to talk openly about her traumatic topsy-turvy existence.

Now our adventurer joins a volunteer-run mental health support group for women that saved her life and wants others to know that help is out there.

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Antoinette: "Life can be a lonely place. Women's Wellbeing Club is a place of safety.

Antoinette appears on Breeze radio

A woman from Devon says a volunteer-run mental health support group for women saved her life and wants others to know that help is out there.

“We’re not counsellors but we can advise and we can help through our own traumas in life,  and that helps somebody else.” 

“Then when you see someone smile or they come out themselves, that’s better than anything isn’t it? To see someone struggling and then shining.”

The women’s club is based on the same concept as Andy’s Man Club which last year won a Breeze South Devon Local Heroes award where facilitators are on hand to listen to stories.

Antoinette Ede

An Interview with Antoinette

Antoinette has began a campaign to open more Womens Wellbeing Club’s

 It costs £500 to open a new club, can you help me open four more clubs in my Region.

It’s tough right now, this is when Community is needed the most.  Can you spare any funds for this cause, it helped me and I ‘d love to help many more. 


Antoinette would like to pay it Forward

Can you help?  

The Women’s Wellbeing Club is a peer to peer community support group  run for women by volunteers

“I’m looking to raise £2000 to open another four clubs”

Keep up to date on how much we've raised..


So far we have raised.... Can you help us get to £2000

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Womens Wellbeing Club

Your Local Community Group for Women

The women’s Wellbeing Club is a peer to peer community support group run for women by volunteers. Come along and join us for a chat and a cuppa at one of our clubs every Tuesday evening from 7pm till 9pm.

*During the Covid-19 situation if you require support please use our contact form on the website or see Facebook for info.

See our Health and Care Video Library. Our aim is to use short and simple videos to help you and the people you care for.

You just couldn't make it up

Ended up at McDonalds on her wedding day

Problems with the food at her wedding reception.

In the years to come, Antoinette found herself the centre of attention yet again after she said there were problems with the food at her wedding reception.

Determined not to let another hurdle get in her way, stressed and unthinking, she jumped in the car with her new husband and drove to McDonalds. She’d given her own food to her Nan, who was diabetic, and so needed to eat urgently.

Antoinette recalled the events with good humour and said: “I ran in with my wedding dress on and a tiara and everything.” Read more, Click here…

Antoinette On Facebook

Wellbeing Club, live chats on Facebook

Weekly Live chats on Facebook

Toni goes live on facebook weekly and has been since the COVID19 Lock-down. Offering support and to lend an ear to whoever needs it, during this tough time.
There is no shortage of humour, she loves to make you laugh and ‘share a smile’ is Antoinette’s ethos.

Toni says “She said: “Life can be a lonely place. Women’s Wellbeing Club is a place of safety.”
All are very welcome! #StaySafe

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Praise for Well Womens Club Newton Abbot

Antoinette has begun a campaign to promote Woman's Wellbeing Club locally.

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